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Computer Network Security and Cyber Ethics – 4th Edition

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Computer Network Security and Cyber Ethics - 4th Edition. "This book increases public awareness of nature and motives of cyber vandalism, the weaknesses inherent in cyberspace infrastructure, and the means available to protect ourselves. Integrates security education and awareness with morality and ethics. Addressing security issues with ever-growing social networks are two new chapters: 'Security [...]

Free online cybersecurity training resources

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Free online cybersecurity training resources, these resources can help skill up your workforce or help you land a cybersecurity job. Scare headlines about the looming cybersecurity skills shortage are a regular headline in the media, and occasionally even make it into mainstream. If one thing is clear, it's that companies outbidding each other for [...]

Where automotive cyber security is headed

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Where automotive cyber security is headed in 2019 there are more connected cars than ever — manufacturers are making more of them than ever before, more people are driving them than ever, and that means hackers and bad actors have a bigger target than ever. As connected “devices” — albeit the biggest and most complicated [...]