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Animatic – Advanced WordPress Frontend Animator

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Animatic - Advanced WordPress Frontend Animator Animate Your Existing Stuff or Create Elaborate New Animations Here are some sped up videos on how we used Animatic to create the animations in the live preview: Animatic: Sunrise Landscape Animatic: Factory Animatic: Rotating Gears Animatic: 3-Column Feature Icons We are bringing how you add animations to your [...]

Relevanssi – A Better Search – By Mikko Saari

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Relevanssi – A Better Search – By Mikko Saari is the search plugin we use at a great WordPress Plugin to improve your searches. Like adding your own relevancy score to your WordPress search. Get Relevanssi for your WordPress website free. Need help? contact us with that green and black chat bubble on the [...]

Formatting Text in WordPress Posts (Tiny MCE Advanced for WordPress)

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In this tutorial, we’ll be covering some of the basics of formatting your WordPress posts (formatting text in WordPress) with the built-in WordPress post editor formatting options. (See below to install the #1 WordPress Plugin for formatting your posts called Tiny MCE Advanced for WordPress.) The majority of your formatting options can be found in [...]

Show Popular Posts Without Plugins

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Show Popular Posts Without Plugins: This one is a little trickier. However, if you are not too keen on installing an extra plugin to showcase popular posts (say, you have limited server memory or disk space), follow this snippet. Remember lots of plugins is not always a good thing. They don’t always play nice and [...]