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Understanding Floating point number representation

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Understanding Floating point number representation: Floating point representations vary from machine to machine, as I’ve implied. Fortunately one is by far the most common these days: the IEEE-754 standard. This standard is prevalent enough that it’s worthwhile to look at it in depth; chances are good you’d be able to use this information on your [...]

Storing and Modifying Information

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Storing and Modifying Information: CRUD (an acronym: Create, Read, Update, and Delete) what tasks all computer programs perform with the information you want to manage. To make information useful, you have to have some means of storing it permanently. Otherwise, every time you turned the computer off, all your information would be gone and the [...]

WordPress by the Numbers Facts

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WordPress by the Numbers Facts : WordPress, as with any software, has competition. While it is superior in many ways, there is also a constant “war for the hearts and minds” of bloggers. At the end of the day, the philosophy behind the development of the software is to create a product that effectively disappears [...]