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Flipboard Account Security Notice

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Flipboard Account Security Notice - Flipboard User Data Hacked. The company Flipboard is sending the following to all its users in a transparency bid. The following is the email being sent to all users: Dear Flipboard Community, We are writing to let you know about a security incident we recently identified and addressed [...]

Researchers demonstrate new ways to hack your stupidly complex smart home

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Researchers demonstrate new ways to hack your stupidly complex smart home. It seems that some homes may be too smart for their own good. On Monday, March 5, researchers at the San Francisco RSA conference presented to an assembled crowd of journalists and cybersecurity experts an unexpected approach for hacking into the device-enabled homes of the modern day George [...]

Free online cybersecurity training resources

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Free online cybersecurity training resources, these resources can help skill up your workforce or help you land a cybersecurity job. Scare headlines about the looming cybersecurity skills shortage are a regular headline in the media, and occasionally even make it into mainstream. If one thing is clear, it's that companies outbidding each other for [...]

FAQ Hacked WordPress Website

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Hacked WordPress Website FAQ: My site was hacked! Now what? Suffering a Hacked WordPress Website hack can be one of the more frustrating experiences you’ll have on your online journey. Like most things, however, taking a pragmatic approach can help you maintain your sanity. While also moving beyond the issues with as little impact as [...]