Next, fix the offer

Plenty of great products and services are ignored despite existing market desire. Often that’s because they receive insufficient exposure, but just as often it’s because the offer is not attractive.

Getting people to buy something online requires you to do three fundamental things:

  1. Make an offer.
  2. Provide information to help people accept your offer.
  3. Make it easy to respond to your offer. (call to action)

The offer is why your landing page exists. The action you’re trying to prompt is the acceptance of your offer, whether it be a purchase, the exchange of an email address for information, or an invitation to call.

When you mention offers, people naturally think about price, and that’s an important component. But offers go well beyond pricing to address things like risk reversal for the buyer, increasing urgency, providing attractive terms, adding incentives, and many other things that make a deal a win-win for both buyer and seller.

Sometimes the secret to better conversions and higher profits is simply a better offer.