Persuasion is about understanding.

Understanding leads to acceptance when the product is relevant and high quality, the offer is attractive, and perhaps most important when the message is sound and well-targeted.

Don’t assume people understand on their own. It’s a noisy world out there, so you’ve got to educate people with an instantly tangible and meaningful premise.

Good copy simply educates the reader in a way that the brain finds appealing. And a big part of the brain-friendly language is the compelling structure that people need to see things your way.

Is this all I need to know?

If you’ve been writing copy for a little while but struggling, I hope this overview of “how to begin” has helped.

As I said, it wasn’t until I got the importance of the premise as it relates to the prospect that I started to understand what I was doing, and my copy improved drastically.

If you’re just beginning to study copywriting, hopefully, what you’ve read will save you time and frustration. Learning the tried-and-true tactics isn’t that tough — it’s knowing how to apply them in the context of the big picture.

In short no its not all you need. Keep on practising copywriting we learn new things daily.


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