What makes the difference?

It’s amazing how tweaking little things can boost conversion. Headlines, button colors, word choice — all of these can be tested to see what works better. (we will show you later.)

It’s how you begin that makes the most impact on the effectiveness of any piece of copy or promotional piece, whether text, audio, or video.

This is exactly what I didn’t “get” when I was first learning copywriting. I would read a book, and it all made sense to me (in fact, I found it fascinating). But when it came to actually writing copy, I had no clue what I was actually trying to accomplish.

So, that’s what this post is supposed to do — help you understand from a big picture standpoint what you must do to write effective copy, how to come up with the critical concept that drives a successful promotion, and how to execute on it.

The most important aspect of copy that works is how well your message matches up with the way your prospective customer views things.

You’ve got to understand their motivations and desires. You’ve got to match their basic expectations and then exceed them.

Roy Williams summed it up best this way:

“Show me what a person admires, and I’ll tell you everything about them that matters.

And then you’ll know how to connect with them.

You’ll know how to cheer up your new neighbor when you understand what she admires.

You’ll know how to sell the man looking into your face when you understand what he admires.

You’ll know how to attract future customers through your ads when you understand what they admire.”

This is where you begin. This is how you find a winning premise.