Case Study – Crest Toothpaste

Toothpaste. How much is too little how much is too much?

In the 1950’s Crest toothpaste owned by Procter and Gamble today, wanted to increase sales by 40% on their toothpaste brand. One member suggested increasing AD expense or creating a new AD campaign.

Another suggested offering discount sales on the product to encourage a higher volume of sales.

What was the winning idea that increased sales?

Make the hole bigger.

One fellow suggested making the toothpaste opening bigger, say from, 4mm to 6mm. Thereby, increasing the volume of toothpaste used. 🙂

This was genius because a simple tooling change was all that was required to increase sales by 40%.

Remember we said sometimes it can be accomplished with the design. Well, this is a great example.