Copywriting perfection – Premise, Promise, Picture, Proof, Push

Copywriting perfection – Premise, Promise, Picture, Proof, Push : Things have gone terribly wrong.

  • You lost your job
  • Bad economy
  • Company Restructuring
  • Downsizing
  • Layoffs

The one ability that gives you the confidence to escape the loan sharks, calm the significant other, and start building something new and better? (It’s also a skill that makes having a job completely optional).

Some would say it’s sales. People who can sell stuff can always make money.

That’s close, but it’s not exactly right.

Better to be able to sell stuff by being able to write.

Copywriting skills mean you’re always okay

Being able to sell with words alone, regardless of where you’re physically located, is the most powerful skill you can have.  Copywriting skills plus an Internet connection mean you can succeed from anywhere. And I don’t mean just as a freelancer for hire, although that’s always an attractive option.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t even need to do the writing yourself. But understanding the art and science of effective copy is the thing that allows you to direct your content, copy, marketing strategy, and even your product and service development. When you know why and how people buy, you’ve got more power than you know. As long as you never lose focus on the buyer, that is.

We’ve got over 100 years of data on tested and true tactics that always work when you want more people to buy or take some form of action. If every business on the planet actually used these basic copywriting tactics to focus on the buyer instead of the seller, sales would increase across the board.

The fundamentals of good copy simply work, even if powered by uninspired writing. Using better headlines and clear and specific language, highlighting benefits over features, offering proof, having a clear call to action, and reversing buyer risk with a guarantee can boost your conversions significantly.

So what’s the difference between basic copywriting fundamentals and the blow-out brilliant promotions that change lives and catapult businesses to  success?

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About the Author: Bernard Aybout

In the land of bytes and bits, a father of three sits, With a heart for tech and coding kits, in IT he never quits. At Magna's door, he took his stance, in Canada's wide expanse, At Karmax Heavy Stamping - Cosma's dance, he gave his career a chance. With a passion deep for teaching code, to the young minds he showed, The path where digital seeds are sowed, in critical thinking mode. But alas, not all was bright and fair, at Magna's lair, oh despair, Harassment, intimidation, a chilling air, made the workplace hard to bear. Management's maze and morale's dip, made our hero's spirit flip, In a demoralizing grip, his well-being began to slip. So he bid adieu to Magna's scene, from the division not so serene, Yet in tech, his interest keen, continues to inspire and convene.