Windows 11 Build 26040 Introduces New Setup Design and Voice Clarity Feature

Windows 11 Build 26040 Introduces New Setup Design and Voice Clarity Feature.

Microsoft is making a significant change to the design of the Windows setup process for the first time in over a decade. In the latest Windows 11 build 26040, you’ll notice an updated look to the installation experience. This marks a departure from the familiar setup design that has remained largely unchanged since Windows 8.

One of the noticeable changes in this build is the new Windows setup screen, which now features a white background and various UI enhancements. Among the improvements is a more prominent option to repair your PC, and a confirmation prompt reminding users that installing Windows 11 will result in the deletion of all their data from the computer. While these changes freshen up the setup experience, the window border design remains consistent with previous versions.

Another notable feature introduced in this build is called Voice Clarity. It enhances the quality of your voice during video calls and meetings by eliminating background noise and echo. This improvement applies to apps that use the Communications Signal Processing Mode, making your voice clearer to others. Voice Clarity is enabled by default for compatible apps, but you can toggle it off if needed.

Windows 11 Build 26040 Introduces New Setup Design and Voice Clarity Feature

For users with accessibility needs, particularly those who rely on the Narrator, there are enhancements too. The Narrator in Windows 11 now offers an improved experience for consuming images, with keyboard shortcuts to navigate between images and improved text recognition within images. This is especially helpful for users who depend on screen readers.

Additionally, Windows LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution) receives several updates in this build, including automatic account management, increased Password Complexity settings, and the ability to use passphrases for stronger, yet easier-to-remember, passwords.

This Windows 11 build also brings a range of smaller changes, such as the ability to see photos from your phone on your PC through notifications and support for USB4 80Gbps. Task Manager gets a new icon and there are new compression options for files. Sharing options have been expanded, and Nearby Share performance has been improved for faster file transfers between devices on the same network.

Of course, like any development build, there are known issues and fixes included. These changes indicate Microsoft’s commitment to refining and enhancing the Windows 11 experience for its users.

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