Toronto Public Library and Toronto Zoo Face Ransomware Attacks: Recovery and Resilience Amid Cyber Threats

Toronto Public Library and Toronto Zoo Face Ransomware Attacks: Recovery and Resilience Amid Cyber Threats.

Three months following a severe ransomware assault, the Toronto Public Library (TPL), Canada’s largest library network, announced the restoration of its website, marking a significant step towards recovery. TPL expressed its eagerness for a return to normalcy, acknowledging the patience and support of its patrons during the gradual recovery process. The library anticipates the reactivation of its 2,000 public computers—crucial for accessing essential services like job applications, housing, and government assistance—along with its online catalog and “Your Account” feature by early and late February, respectively. Despite the challenges, TPL remains committed to a careful and full restoration of services.

TPL has firmly declined to pay the ransom demanded by the Black Basta group, linked to Russia, accused of stealing substantial employee data from a compromised server. This data includes sensitive personal information which might be disclosed on the dark web. A cybersecurity specialist has been engaged to evaluate the breach’s scope.

Toronto Public Library and Toronto Zoo Face Ransomware Attacks: Recovery and Resilience Amid Cyber Threats

While the library’s main cardholder and donor databases remained untouched, there’s a risk that some customer, donor, and volunteer information on the affected server was compromised. TPL has promised transparency and to inform those impacted based on their investigation’s outcome. Additionally, the Toronto Zoo also fell victim to a ransomware attack by the Akira gang, threatening to leak 133 gigabytes of sensitive employee data unless a ransom is paid. Despite this, the Zoo, supported by local authorities and cybersecurity experts, refuses to comply with the $1.6 million ransom demand, focusing on protecting its systems from future breaches. Both the zoo and the library are offering credit monitoring services to current and former employees to guard against identity theft.

Cybersecurity expert Brett Callow from Emsisoft noted the indiscriminate targeting by the Akira gang, with ransom demands varying widely. He also warned of Akira’s tactic of revisiting victims under the guise of offering security services for additional payments, highlighting the ongoing threat posed by such cybercriminals.

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