Top 5 Device Security Mistakes Revealed by Former Hacker and Expert Tips for Home Safety from Ex-Burglar

Top 5 Device Security Mistakes Revealed by Former Hacker and Expert Tips for Home Safety from Ex-Burglar. Five critical security mistakes that many people make with their devices. I highlighted these errors and provided tips for enhancing online safety.

  1.  Using Outdated Software: One of the most common mistakes I see is the use of outdated software on phones and computers. I advise always keeping your software up-to-date, as updates often fix critical security issues. Once hackers become aware of a security flaw, it can quickly become common knowledge in online forums, putting your sensitive information at risk.
  2.  Reusing Passwords: I strongly warn against using the same password across multiple websites. You never know how these sites will handle your information or protect it. If one site is breached, it can lead to a domino effect, compromising all other accounts where the same password is used. In data breaches, username and password combinations often end up on the dark web, making it easy for hackers to take control of your accounts elsewhere.
  3.  Oversharing Online: I also caution against sharing too much personal information online. In the age of social media, it’s easy to become complacent and expose private details. Hackers can use this information, like your date of birth or mother’s maiden name, to hijack your phone number through ‘sim-jacking’, circumventing two-factor authentication to access your accounts, including banking.
  4.  Using Public WiFi: I advise avoiding public WiFi networks, such as those in cafes and airports, because they often lack encryption, making your data vulnerable. If you must use a public network, always use a VPN to encrypt your data.
  5.  Clicking Suspicious Links: Finally, I urge everyone to be vigilant about the links they click, especially in emails and texts. Phishing scams are increasingly sophisticated. Always verify the authenticity of a link before engaging with it to avoid falling into a trap.

Similarly, as a former burglar turned security expert, I, Jenny Radcliffe, shared my insights on home security with inews. Having started my journey by trespassing in empty properties as a teenager, I now use my skills to identify vulnerabilities in home security systems.

Top 5 Device Security Mistakes Revealed by Former Hacker and Expert Tips for Home Safety from Ex-Burglar. I’ve identified several common mistakes people make:

– Excessive Social Media Sharing: I’ve noticed that many people inadvertently give away too much information on social media, like their holiday plans, effectively advertising when their homes are empty.
– Neglecting CCTV System Security: Even doorbell cameras can be vulnerable if not properly secured. I recommend ensuring your security devices are well-protected.
– Leaving Tools Around: Tools and equipment left outside can aid burglars. I suggest keeping such items securely stored.
– Trusting Neighbors or Cleaners with Keys: Caution is key when trusting others with access to your home.
– Forgetting Basic Security Measures: Simple steps like setting lights on timers can significantly improve home security.
– Not Managing Foliage: Overgrown foliage can provide cover for burglars. Maintaining a clear perimeter around your home is advisable.

I emphasize the connection between your online behavior and physical security. For instance, regularly posting your whereabouts or routines can make your home an easy target for thieves. Avoid making your home the most vulnerable in the neighborhood by being mindful of what you share and how you protect your property.

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