Spy Camera stealth gear equipment and gadgets. The fly on the wall that sees all. These can be purchased from us a lot cheaper than you would find anywhere else. Also supplies are limited.

* Warning * Depending on your jurisdiction the products listed below may be illegal for use and/or possession in your country.

There Are Spying Eyes Everywhere—and Now They Share a Brain thanks to AI.

Lets take a stroll down memory lane. Do you remember THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS Clip – “G-d’s Eye” (2017).

Do we still remember the concept of the G-ds Eye? Well its already here thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

The G-d’s Eye is able to hack any type of technology using a camera and presumably, satellite tracking. It feeds information gathered back to its user “under four minutes or less” to use to their motives. The G-d’s Eye works at its best when it’s close enough to its target to track, but can locate any given person at great distances. The G-d’s Eye, however, is not impervious to being compromised by another hacking device or hacker. As demonstrated by its creator, it is capable of being taken over by anyone within its range.

Here is a small clip below to refresh your memory….

Spy Camera stealth gear equipment and gadgets

$30 CDN Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera with Remote View – HD 1080P – Spy Camera Charger – Spy Camera Wireless – USB Hidden Camera – Nanny Camera – Premium Security Camera – Hidden Cam – iOS Android

About this item

  • Superior ALPHA TECH technology – Your undetectable Wi-Fi security camera in a small USB charger. Monitor your home, office in real-time on your phone no matter where you are; with clear 1080P Full HD video.
  • Unlimited Possibilities – Easily keep an eye on your unfaithful partner, lodger, landlord, roommate, children, babysitters, nannies, caregivers, elderly parents, or employees at home, bedroom, hotel, hostel, work, office, hospital, or anywhere else.
  • Quick Start – Just plug your hidden spy camera into an outlet, download TuyaSmart App from AppStore iOS or PlayStore Android, and connect it to your 2.4Ghz router. All routers have dual-bands, just turn on 2.4Ghz in your router.
  • Catch More with real-time motion detection – This powerful USB wall charger camera adapter has push notifications. You get the real-time message if it detects motions. H.264 performance and 256GB Card (not included) can hold videos up to 25 days.
  • Universal Compatibility and Card Protection: Watch videos from the USB spy camera on your phone or PC. Surge Multi-Protection saves SD cards from corruption.

Spy Camera stealth gear equipment and gadgets

$50 CDN PNZEO W3 Mini Hidden Camera Portable Wireless WiFi Remote View IP Camera Super Small Home Security Cameras P2P Indoor Outdoor Video Record Smart Spy Camera

About this item

  • ◆ PNZEO HIDDEN WIFI CAM THE LATEST Upgrade:This PNZEO mini camera is the smallest size wide-angle hide camera. Thanks to the 1080P and 150° wide angle lens, it captures details clearly and give you a greater scope of view on everything that’s happening in the room. With its outstanding structural design, as long as you leave 1 x 0.6inch head space for it, makes it easy to hide around anywhere like in the home or office.
  • ◆Easy to use multi-function app:Although the camera is quite small,it comes with all useful features you need for a Wifi camera,Just download the App on your phone and have it configured with router Wi-Fi (Only 2.4GHz),you can view LIVE video on the App remotely from anywhere in the world,Motion Alerts, Playback/Snapshot/Record Remotely, control SD Card Recording,One App Multiple Camera,One Camera Multiple Users and More.
  • ◆WiFi connection and button control dual operation mode:This smart camera can be remotely controlled by smart phone,Or If you don’t want to use the app and WiFi connection,simply pressing the buttons on the camera to recording and photos taking. The device supports micro SD memory card up to 128GB (not included),Automatic loop coverage after the memory is full.
  • ◆ Smart motion detection with immediate alert:When the camera detects a moving object, an alarm notification will be sent to the mobile phone immediately. 3 photos will be captured and transferred back to the APP while the recorded video will be stored in the memory card simultaneously(Note: needs to be setup in the app).
  • ◆ Rechargeable battery/plug-in work dual mode:Built-in rechargeable 520 mAh battery,allows at least 1.5 hours continuous video recording after full charge, or you can simply connect it to a power supply for immediate use.

Spy Camera stealth gear equipment and gadgets

$150 CDN Spy-MAX Law Grade Professional Surveillance CM-TC10 Tie Clip Camera – NON-AUDIO Video Surveillance

About this item

  • AMAZING TIE CLIP CAMERA: Clip on this tiny pinhole camera and receive high resolution video output from the tie clip camera. The hidden camera is one of the best disguises for the professional blending seamlessly with your business suit and tie
  • CLEAR VIDEO: It has a maximum video resolution of about 640×480 with 480 TV Line. You can have a good video clarity with the CMOS color camera coverted in the tie clip.
  • EASE OF USE: It is as easy as you wear your regular tie clip, the only difference is that this clip has a spy camera within it. You wont feel any difference from the normal tie clip
  • QUICK INSTALLATION: Installation of the spy gadget is very simple and ideal for on-the-go covert recording, this Tie Clip Camera plugs into our hand held digital video recorders
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: This body-worn camera comes with RCA cables and 12 volt battery pack. A good battery power keeps your camera alive all the time when needed

Product description

This item is special order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery The LawMate CM-TC10 is a tie clip that doubles as a covert camera. This unit is lightweight, completely covert, and the camera is undetectable to the human eye. When paired together with any LawMate pocket DVR the CM-TC10 is perfect for walkabout covert recording.

Product information

Technical Details

Additional Information

Spy Camera stealth gear equipment and gadgets

$25 CDN Hidden Spy Camera Pen 1080p – Nanny Camera Spy Pen Full HD Loop Recording or Picture Taking – Hidden Security Cam with Wide Angle Lens, Discrete Rechargeable

About this item

  • Ultimate Spy Recording Pen & 32GB Micro SD Card – Created to capture HD 1080P video in real time this spy pen uses a simple one-click system to let you record video, or pictures.
  • Discrete, Portable Design – Our wide-angle pen spy camera wireless hidden system is small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, clip onto a notebook, or use on your desk.
  • Plug and Play Compatibility – The SIRGAWAIN pen hidden camera works with Mac and PC devices and features a simple USB plug in and USB reader to transfer data.
  • Fast Rechargeable Battery – This spy pen with camera features a long-lasting internal lithium ion battery than provides up to 70 continuous minutes of recording.
  • Writable Pen Use – Along with its use as a hidden spy camera this pen can be used for taking notes, jotting down schedules, or remember important information.

Product description

Capture Important Video or Pictures in Real Time with a Hidden Spy Camera Pen & 32GB Micro SD Card from SIRGAWAIN

When it comes to protecting ourselves or remember important information, we need a smarter way to capture the world around us in real time. That’s why we created the SIRGAWAIN Spy Pen Camera that lets you record HD-quality video and pictures, so you can stay a step ahead of business, school, or your personal life.

Product Details:
✔️ 2-in-1 Spy Camera and Pen
✔️ 90° Angle Recording
✔️ Captures HD 1080P Videos and Pictures
✔️ Compatible with PC and Mac
✔️ Up to 70 Minutes of Record Time
✔️ Support micro SD cards up to 128 GB Class 10( included Micro SD 32 GB )

★Included: charging cable, SD сard reader, ink cartridges (5 pcs), cleaning cloth, pin.

One-Click Operation
Like using a real pen our video recording uses a simple click and go design so you can turn it on or off with a thumb press.

Loop Recording Feature
Offering 70 full minutes of continuous recording our pen spy cam will automatically overwrite old footage.

Personal, Educational, and Professional Use
Use this premier spy camera pen to remember important classroom lectures in college, protect you during business meetings, help you stay safer during travels, and so much more.

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Inevitably, some employees will find themselves in the difficult position of having to attend a disciplinary or investigatory meeting with a supervisor or HR.

Many workers in this difficult position are wondering,

“can I secretly record the meeting in Canada? Is it legal to record a conversation without everyone’s consent in Canada?”

Likewise, some employees will one day find themselves in the painful situation of workplace bullying and harassment. Accordingly, many in this unenviable position ask,

“in Canada, can I record my colleague bullying me?”

At the same time, some employers want to know as well, can they record an employee misbehaving? Can they surreptitiously record an investigation meeting concerning an employee’s alleged misbehavior?

Is it legal to record your conversations at work (Canada)?

Under section 184 of the Criminal Code, it is only illegal (i.e. a criminal offence) to record conversations if you yourself are not a party to the conversation. This means it is not a “criminal offence” to record your own conversations at work even if the other people being recorded do not know they are being recorded.

Section 184 of the Criminal Code essentially says it is only illegal to “intercept a private communication with a device” (see Separating Spouses, Technology, and the Criminal Law, Michal Fairburn, Link). Still, although it is illegal to “intercept a private communication with a device”, section 184 of the Criminal Code has an exception if one of the participants consents to that interception. This is called the “one-party consent” exception. Accordingly, we are left with the bizarre rule that if you yourself consent to record your own conversation, it is not unlawful to record a private conversation as per section 184 of the Criminal Code. In short, the law is this: It is legal to record conversations only if you are a party to the conversation. Conversely, it is illegal to record a conversation you are not a party to.

For example, it is not illegal to record your meeting with your supervisor, but it is illegal to plant a recording device in the meeting between your supervisor and someone else if you are not present at that particular conversation.

However, when we speak about “legality” we are only speaking about criminal offences. Thus, although you can “legally” secretly record a conversation without being charged with a criminal offence, you can still suffer other consequences such as being fired or sued.

Can I record a conversation with my boss (Canada)?

Yes, you can record a conversation with your boss in Canada. However, you have to question whether it is worth it. While it is not illegal to record a conversation with your boss on your phone or a tape recorder, you can be fired for it.

Will I be fired if I record a conversation at work?

You can be fired for any reason in Canada or no reason at all. In this regard, yes, of course, you will likely be fired for secretly recording a conversation with your boss.

There are two ways to get fired in Canada: (1) with cause and (2) without cause. If you are fired ‘without cause’, your employer doesn’t need a reason to terminate you. If you are fired ‘with cause’, then your employer does need a reason to terminate you.

The only rights you have, if you are terminated without cause, is that you must be provided adequate notice or pay in lieu of such adequate notice (i.e. severance). However, if you are terminated for cause, then you get no notice or pay in lieu of notice.

To that effect, if you are caught recording your boss at work, then your employer can either fire you on the spot without cause (and pay you severance) or it can argue you are fired for cause and pay you no severance.

Thus, the question become, does secretly recording your meeting with your boss amount to “just cause”? The answer: It depends. If the secret recording sufficiently causes your employer to lose all trust in you, then perhaps you can be fired for just cause. After all, just cause is defined as “serious misconduct” (See Regina v. Arthurs1967 CanLII 30 (ON CA)) and secretly recording your boss is likely “misconduct”. Whether or not it is “serious” misconduct will depend on the circumstances. Nevertheless, we do know that courts have held that if the employee’s conduct reveals a character which is dishonest or untrustworthy, just cause is more likely (see Ennis v. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (1986), 1986 CanLII 1208 (BC SC)).

In Hart v. Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited [2017] MBQB 68, a Manitoba court considered whether an employee’s secret recordings with management, among other concerns, was “just cause”. Although the court found that just cause was justified for other reasons, the court did opine on the problem with the employee’ secret recordings:

[97] The plaintiff’s inappropriate use of his cell phone in secretly recording meetings with his superiors does amount to a breach of his confidentiality and privacy obligations to the defendant….

[98]      The misuse of his cell phone was also a breach of his personal code of conduct….

In addition, in certain industries, it may be easier to justify a “just cause” dismissal if an employee secretly records a conversation at work. For example, a relationship of trust has been found to be particularly critical in the banking industry where employees are held to a higher standard of trust than employees in other commercial or industrial undertakings (see, for example, National Bank of Canada v. Lepire2004 FC 1555; and Rowe v. Royal Bank of Canada (1991), 1991 CanLII 912 (BC SC)).

In addition, employees who work with greater autonomy are held to a higher standard of trust. The greater the autonomy the employee enjoys, the more fundamental trust becomes to the employment relationship (see Godden v. CAE Electronics Ltd.2002 BCSC 132).

In summary, an employee can be fired for secretly recording a conversation with their boss at work. However, whether or not the employer can terminate the employee with just cause will depend on whether the secret recording so eroded the trust of the employee to such a degree that the employee can never be trusted again. Still, even if the employer lacks just cause, it can just fire the employee without cause by providing reasonable notice.

Can I record a conversation with my bully / workplace harasser(s)?

The same rules about recording a conversation with your boss (as described above) apply to recording a conversation with your bully. However, it may be that a just cause termination will not be justified if an employee is recording harassment directed toward them rather than, for example, recording a disciplinary investigation. Even still, it would probably be best for the employee to ask their boss permission before they record their bully. Unless your getting mobbed and bullied by many in abuse of power then the more evidence the better.

Employees: Call a lawyer, file a human rights complaint (1 year limitation), file both WSIB and your employers STD benefits. Dont stand for workplace bullying, mobbing, harassment.

Are secret recordings admissible in court in Canada?

The law is mixed on whether a secret recording is admissible in court and there is no case law in the employment law context. Thus, secretly recording your boss is a risk that might not even pay off.

In labour arbitrations, arbitrators will either reject a secret recording based on the labour law theory that admitting it would erode the future bargaining relationship between the union and employer or accept the secret recording based on the common law theory that anything relevant should be admitted. In line with the latter theory, in one case, a judge in a family law matter said:

[secret recordings are] generally not prohibited or illegal… [and] can constitute real evidence of conversations or events that they depict, as long as the other side is aware before the hearing date that these recordings exist and are being relied upon…[a]ccordingly, short of certain specific privacy expectations, there are few in any restrictions on the admissibility of [secret] recording of conversations or events.

Mazur v. Corr, 2004 ABQB 752 (CanLII)

Can an employer record an employee?

Yes, an employer can record an employee at work legally so long as there is an employer representative in attendance in the conversation being recorded. However, the information that is collected in the recording will be subject to privacy legislation.

Where the employer is located, and depending on whether they’re provincially or federally regulated, a provincial privacy act or the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) addresses the collection, use and disclosure of personal employee information (see this Monster.com article).

In any event, any employer seeking to record employees should have a written policy in line with applicable privacy legislation and the employer should make all employees sign a contract that says they have no expectation of privacy at work.