‘Space Invaders’ The Board Game Celebrates 40 Years Of The Arcade Classic

‘Space Invaders’ The Board Game Celebrates 40 Years Of The Arcade Classic. Space Invaders turned 40 last year, along with many of us who grew up playing it in the arcade or on our Atari systems a few years after its initial release in 1978. Now, to celebrate its legendary status as one of the greatest classic arcade games ever, original publisher Taito has partnered with 612 Entertainment to bring us Space Invaders The Board Game, launching today on Kickstarter.

Space Invaders is not only one of the highest grossing video games of all time, it’s still fun. The simplicity of design and game-play paired with the never-ending nostalgia of Gen X’ers has certainly created an arcade legacy. It’s more than just a video game we used to play, it’s one we still play and still feel the impact of as we pass it on to our children.

See also: Check out our Space Invaders Beta on the scratch platform. We welcome suggestions for development.

In the arcade, on the Atari and on T-shirts. The board game promises some of those classic feels and takes advantage of a game-play mechanism that translates well to a physical, table-top entertainment system. It’s a mix of deck-building and strategy board game, for two to four players to get lost in their iconic nostalgia while defending the planet from adorable little spaceships.

There are a couple different editions available depending on how much you kick in to the Kickstarter, which will surely be funded within hours of it going live. The standard version comes with a standard board, the deluxe version with a Neoprene play mat and premium cards and pieces. The normal Kickstarter level of temptation exists. If you have $990 laying around, you can get the limited (to 500) Space Invaders Diorama that comes with a limited art box and is signed by creator Tomohiro Nishikado.

Board games are the thing right now, thanks to Millennials apparently, so it makes sense that a classic like Space Invaders would work its way onto our kitchen tables. That’s where we play board games at least. You might play on a coffee table or have a gaming table. Whatever table you play it on, it’s fairly reasonable to assume that Space Invaders The Board Game is something you’ll be laying out on that surface for a future board game night.

Taito President and Representative Director, Tetsu Yamada agrees with this sentiment. “After successfully invading video screens worldwide for over 40 years, we are excited to join forces with 612 Entertainment to help Space Invaders, one of our top brands, invade living room tables everywhere.” Get it? Invade? Space Invaders The Board Game is live on Kickstarter now and starts at $20 for early-bird funders.

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