Revolutionizing Elderly Mobility: Samsung’s EX1 Wearable Robot Aims to Transform Aging Experience

Revolutionizing Elderly Mobility: Samsung’s EX1 Wearable Robot Aims to Transform Aging Experience. Samsung’s EX1 wearable robot is crafted to enhance mobility in the elderly. I’m often skeptical when firms known for consumer electronics venture into robotics. This field serves as a convenient shorthand for companies striving to enhance their futuristic image. However, more often than not, these showcased systems end up being nothing more than conceptual prototypes.

Samsung has been relatively reserved in discussing its robotics goals. While Ballie might eventually make it to market, the future of their more sophisticated robots for tasks like dishwashing and meal preparation remains uncertain. I’m not overly optimistic about their release.

At the 2019 CES, Samsung presented three robots, among which the wearable exoskeleton stood out for two primary reasons. Firstly, it seemed like a viable product, given the existing similar solutions in the market. Secondly, they had operational models at the event. My experience trying one on was positive, as it aided my stair climbing at the Samsung booth.

Recently, Sahmyook University exhibited ongoing research with Samsung in Seoul, focusing on the robotic exoskeleton. Although specific details about the EX1 (not to be mistaken for an old Samsung camera with the same name) are scarce, the initial results are promising. This device falls into the expanding field of robotic technology for aging populations. The hip-mounted device is specifically tailored to improve balance and mobility in the elderly, who often experience muscle mass reduction, affecting their walking and increasing fall risks.

Revolutionizing Elderly Mobility: Samsung’s EX1 Wearable Robot Aims to Transform Aging Experience

Professor Wan-hee Lee, the research leader, states, “With the EX1 wearable robot, seniors can efficiently perform basic activities like walking and exercising, thus enhancing their life quality. The EX1 can boost their exercise engagement and provide a model for correct exercising methods.”

The device is designed for both support in mobility and exercise guidance. According to the study, wearing the EX1 for 50 minutes thrice weekly over a month resulted in over 12% improvement in stride length and about 21% increase in propulsion in participants.

Professor Lee remarks, “Our research lays a strong groundwork for the development of various advanced wearable robots. This will likely catalyze the expansion of the global wearable robot market, fostering further research and commercialization.”

The release date of Samsung’s EX1 in the market remains uncertain. Nonetheless, the next decade is likely to witness a significant rise in the prevalence of assistive wearable robots.

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