Rabbit R1 AI device sales: 10,000 Units Sold and the Power of LAM

Rabbit R1 AI device sales

Rabbit’s R1 Device: A Rapid 10,000 Unit Sale and the Power of LAM. AI startup Rabbit has successfully sold 10,000 units of its new R1 device within 24 hours of its launch at CES, as announced on their Twitter account. Initially hoping to sell 500 units on the first day, the company far exceeded its goal, selling out the first batch of its R1 devices. This small device, designed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, provides access to Rabbit OS and the ‘Large Action Model’ (LAM), an AI model trained to use apps. The LAM enables Rabbit to perform tasks for users, bypassing the need to manually open apps on phones. Customers can still pre-order the R1 from Rabbit’s website, with deliveries expected between April and May 2024.

Rabbit’s LAM system, underpinned by advances in neuro-symbolic programming, models human actions in computer applications. It delivers results competitive with state-of-the-art approaches in accuracy, interpretability, and speed. The LAM is crucial for deploying AI assistants and operating systems, aiming to redefine consumer experiences with personalized mobile applications. This approach bypasses traditional application programming interfaces (APIs), instead learning user interactions directly.

Rabbit R1 AI device sales. The company emphasizes that LAM, a blend of neural and symbolic programming, is key to understanding human-computer interactions, which differ from natural language or vision. LAM aims for actions on applications to be regular, minimalistic, stable, and explainable. The current challenge is that language models struggle to comprehend applications in raw text form, necessitating a hybrid approach combining neural and symbolic components. This neuro-symbolic approach allows LAM to model complex application structures, ensuring explainability and fast inference.

Rabbit R1 AI device sales. LAM’s design focuses on learning actions through observation and imitation. It understands every aspect of an application’s interface, forming a conceptual blueprint of the underlying services. Rabbit’s approach also involves significant investment in infrastructure, including cloud environments and hardware-software programming interfaces, to ensure secure and scalable operation of LAM.

The R1 device, leveraging LAM, demonstrates Rabbit’s commitment to creating intuitive, natural language-powered systems and devices. This aligns with the company’s vision of AI reshaping infrastructure and transforming economically significant work. Rabbit’s research underscores the potential of large-scale AI systems, emphasizing the importance of understanding actions for the future of human-machine interactions.

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