Ontario Premier Doug Ford Champions Northern Mines for Economic Surge in BEV Industry

Ontario Premier Doug Ford Champions Northern Mines for Economic Surge in BEV Industry.

Premier Doug Ford stated that the mining sector in Northern Ontario is key to transforming Ontario into a thriving economic hub. For the battery electric vehicle (BEV) industry in particular. Speaking at the 2024 Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) annual conference on January 23, Ford emphasized the significance of Ontario’s critical minerals strategy in shaping the future of electric vehicles in the province.

Ford addressed the audience in downtown Toronto, saying:

“You might have heard me discuss this numerous times, but it’s crucial to highlight our burgeoning electric vehicle industry again. This sector promises to bring long-term benefits to every community in Ontario.”

He elaborated on the development of a local EV supply chain. Linking critical minerals from Northern Ontario and clean steel production in Hamilton and Sault Ste. Marie with automakers and battery manufacturers throughout Ontario, all supported by clean and affordable energy from Ontario.

Over the past three years, Ford noted, Ontario has secured over $28 billion in investments in the automotive and EV sectors. Including a $7 billion investment by Volkswagen for a new battery plant in St. Thomas, Ontario. “These investments are not only generating thousands of new jobs but also sustaining hundreds of thousands of indirect jobs across the supply chain in various communities. We’re emerging as a global frontrunner in the electric vehicle revolution,” he stated at the conference.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford Champions Northern Mines for Economic Surge in BEV Industry.

Ford highlighted, “Ontario is unique, being the only location globally that houses the six largest automakers. Our economy is expanding rapidly, paralleled by a record growth in our population. Ontario is currently the fastest-growing region in North America.”

He also touched on the importance of transportation in Northern Ontario, mentioning the government’s purchase of three new locomotives and passenger car sets for the Northlander passenger trains, which will connect Toronto with Timmins and Cochrane, thereby facilitating travel for families. Additionally, Ford referred to the Northwestern Ontario mining deposit, the Ring of Fire region, mentioning the government’s approval last year of the terms of reference for the First Nations-led Environmental Assessment to construct all-season roads in that area.

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