Magna Invests Over $470M in Ontario Expansion, Creating 1,000+ Jobs and New EV Battery Facility

Magna International Invests Over $470M in Ontario Expansion, Creating 1,000+ Jobs and New EV Battery Facility. Magna is significantly expanding its operations in Ontario, Canada, with an investment exceeding $470 million. This expansion includes a newly established battery enclosures facility in Brampton, aimed at supporting the Ford F-150 Lightning and future projects with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The company has been awarded key contracts for products crucial for electric vehicles, leading to this growth. In addition to Brampton, Magna is also enhancing its facilities in Guelph, Belleville, Newmarket, Windsor, and Penetanguishene, following new business from various car manufacturers in essential product areas. These expansions are being bolstered by $23.6 million in grants from the Ontario government, aimed at bringing more high-quality jobs to the area and providing continuous training and development for employees.

Over the next few years, it’s anticipated that these new and expanded operations will create over 1,000 jobs in Ontario.

Eric Wilds, Magna’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, expressed excitement about the new Brampton facility and the growth of five existing Ontario locations, noting the company’s deep roots in Ontario and its commitment to meeting customer demands in various product areas.

The specifics of the new and expanded facilities are as follows:

  • Brampton: A newly leased 490,000 square-foot facility for manufacturing battery enclosures for electric vehicles, expected to begin operations in Q2 2023 and create approximately 560 jobs at full production.
  • Guelph: An expansion of the exteriors plant to include e-coat, molding, and welding capacities for new electric vehicle production, with an addition of 120,000 square feet and around 175 new jobs expected.
  • Belleville: The lighting plant is enhancing its capabilities with printed circuit board assemblies, aiming to start operations in Q4 2023 and create up to 100 jobs.
  • Newmarket: The mechatronics facility, producing vehicle access systems, is expanding its business and is likely to add around 75 new jobs.
  • Windsor: The mechatronics plant is beginning production of powered aluminum tonneau covers and planning to add about 110 new jobs.
  • Penetanguishene: An expansion in tailgate hinges production at the mechatronics facility, with more than 15 new jobs anticipated.

Premier Doug Ford lauded the investment as a significant vote of confidence in Ontario’s auto sector’s strength and resilience. He emphasized Ontario’s role in the electric vehicle supply chain, from mining to manufacturing. Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, remarked that Magna’s investment would create new jobs and strengthen Ontario’s automotive supply chain. Trevor Dauphinee, CEO of Invest Ontario, highlighted the expansion as an example of Ontario’s automotive talent and the diversification of automotive parts manufacturing across the province.

Magna, with 49 manufacturing facilities and over 18,500 employees in Canada, has recently been recognized by Forbes as one of Canada’s Best Employers 2023 and by Fortune as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies. The company is actively hiring for various roles, including managers, engineers, operators, and more.

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