Loblaw Accelerates Green Transport: Doubles Electric Semi Fleet with Addition of Freightliner and Tesla Trucks

Loblaw Accelerates Green Transport: Doubles Electric Semi Fleet with Addition of Freightliner and Tesla Trucks.

Loblaw, a leading Canadian grocery retailer, has effectively doubled its fleet of zero-emission semi trucks by adding 10 new, battery-electric Freightliner eCascadia Class 8 trucks in Vancouver, marking a significant expansion of its eco-friendly transportation capabilities.

Delivered to Loblaw at the end of last month, these Freightliner eCascadia electric semi trucks are now fully operational across Vancouver and British Columbia. Wayne Scott, Loblaw Companies Ltd.’s senior director of maintenance, highlighted Vancouver as the prime choice for this rollout, praising the city’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its early adoption of green technologies.

Loblaw Accelerates Green Transport: Doubles Electric Semi Fleet with Addition of Freightliner and Tesla Trucks

Joining the fleet are these 10 electric semis, alongside the original four that started service last April in the Greater Montreal Area, elevating Loblaw’s total number of operational eCascadia trucks to 14. Additionally, Loblaw has placed an order for 25 Tesla Semi trucks, with plans to further increase its fleet with more eCascadia trucks, aiming to shift to a completely zero-emission transport fleet by 2030.

Scott emphasized the company’s commitment to clean energy and responsible corporate practices, stating that this move towards electric trucks underscores Loblaw’s dedication to environmental stewardship and community well-being.

Loblaw’s four electric trucks have been utilized for short-haul deliveries from a distribution center to over 200 Loblaw stores, achieving approximately 370 km (230 miles) per charge and carrying up to 32,000 kg (70,500 lbs.). These trucks recharge overnight at one of the five 180 kW ABB chargers located about 10 km outside of Coquitlam.

We note the visibility of Loblaw’s eCascadia fleet, adorned in a distinctive green and blue “plug-in” design with “100% electric” clearly displayed on the trucks’ front fenders, highlighting the presence of electric vehicles in Western Canada, a region traditionally associated with oil and gas. This increased visibility challenges the skepticism towards electric vehicles’ capabilities for heavy-duty work.

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