Google’s “Grasshopper” Mobile Game Teaches Adults How To Code In An Easy, Accessible Way — And It’s Free


Google’s “Grasshopper” Mobile Game Teaches Adults How To Code In An Easy, Accessible Way — And It’s Free If coding is on your list of things to learn, Google just made checking that off a whole lot easier.Download Google's Grasshopper now from the Google Play Store

Download Google’s Grasshopper now from the Google Play Store

Grasshopper is a new mobile game from Google that teaches you how to code. Also, it’s free. Who doesn’t like free learning in the form of a smartphone game and what level of Mavis Beacon personally attacked you in elementary school?

Launched to the public on Wednesday, Grasshopper has been a project nine months in the making. It was developed by a team in Area 120, a workshop within the search engine giant focused on experimental projects. The team set out with the goal of teaching an adult the basics of coding while addressing some of the common barriers which keep people from learning it in the first place: time, money, and access. No longer will you have the excuse of saying you’re too busy, too broke, and can’t find the right class to learn how to code. Grasshopper is bringing coding to the comfort of your own mobile device.

The app is like essentially Duolingo, the popular language-learning platform, but for coding. Through mini-games, tutorials, and quizzes, the Grasshopper breaks down coding into bite-sized lessons ideal for beginners. You’ll learn the fundamentals of coding as well as some basic animation and the building blocks of programming all in the form of a smartphone game.

Currently, the app focuses on teaching you one coding language: JavaScript. According to Grasshopper’s FAQ page, they don’t have plans on expanding to other languages. Instead, they’re focused on “deepening our students’ understanding of these fundamental coding concepts.”

According to TIME, over 5,000 people have already tested early versions of the app and graduated from Grasshopper’s course on JavaScript Fundamentals. “Many of our users actually find spare moments when they’re sitting on the couch unwinding after work or in bed at night,” Laura Holmes, Grasshopper founder and a senior product manager at Google, told TIME. “They’re using those moments to learn how to code.”

Grasshopper is productive procrastination at its finest. As it’s about page states, Grasshopper allows you to “turn your commute or waiting in line into a learning moment.” I mean, you can only scroll through social media so much before your brain turns to blah.

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