Turning off Google Assistant

  • Turning off Google Assistant? Google Assistant can be a useful tool, but there may be times when its usefulness is outweighed by its limitations, or when you don’t want your phone (Google Assistant) listening in to all of your conversations.
  • Turning off the Google Assistant on your Android device is quick and easy.
  • Deactivating the Google Assistant support button is a good alternative for those who still want access to the features.

Remember, with convenience comes a price.

Google Assistant has its uses — finding a song name or lyrics, having a hands-free option for Google searches, creating reminders for various tasks, or updating your shopping list. But sometimes activating it is way too easy, or for some the fact that the Google Assistant is always listening is just creepy, rather than helpful.

Sometimes, what you really want is to disable the feature and have more control over your tech and privacy.

Whatever your reason, turning off Google Assistant is relatively easy for those with Android devices. Doing so will completely revoke your access to the Assistant’s features. But if you prefer to have occasional access, you might instead consider deactivating the support button, rather than turning off Google Assistant altogether. That way, you’ll still be able to access the assistant through your phone, but you can’t do so via the home button.

Here’s how to perform either action on your Android device:

Turning off Google Assistant on Android

2) Tap the three dots in the bottom toolbar (labeled as more)

In your Google App select Settings

Tap Google Assistant

Tap the horizontal Assistant tab

If you dont see your device listed you might need to scroll down.

Select your Device (scroll down if necessary)

Image shown below with Google Assistant disabled.

Toggle left (Google Assistant Off)

Toggle right (Google Assistant On)

Toggle Google Assistant Off (Left)

How to deactivate the Google Assistant support button on Android

For those of you who still want access to Google Assistant, but with a bit more intention, deactivating the support button can be a good alternative to turning it off completely. Basically, it means that you can’t accidentally turn on your Google Assistant via your phone’s home button.

Swipe your finger down from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon to go to your settings.

Tap on Apps

Tap the 3 dots on the top right of your screen.

Tap Default Apps

Tap Device assistance app

Tap Device assistance app (not the gear icon)

Tap None to disable Google Assistant