Germany’s Intelligence Chief Urges Review of Surveillance Laws Amid Threats from Children of Islamist Fighters

Germany’s Intelligence Chief Urges Review of Surveillance Laws Amid Threats from Children of Islamist Fighters.

In Berlin, the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence service, Hans-Georg Maassen, has urged the government to reassess legal limitations on monitoring minors. This call comes in response to concerns over the offspring of Islamist militants potentially re-entering Germany as clandestine operatives inclined to execute attacks. Maassen, leading the BfV agency, shared with Reuters the anticipation of Islamic State combatants returning to Germany, which might include children indoctrinated by the group. Despite no immediate large-scale return, the concern remains high.

Germany has seen nearly a thousand of its citizens join Islamist fighters, and with the Islamic State’s diminishing foothold in the Middle East, some are making their way back, families in tow. To date, a modest number of the 290 children who either departed Germany or were born in conflict zones like Syria and Iraq have made their way back. Maassen highlighted that many might still be abroad or relocating to regions where the Islamic State retains influence, such as Afghanistan.

The surveillance laws in question presently limit the monitoring of individuals younger than 14, but Maassen argues for a revision to address the potential threat posed by children, some as young as nine, educated under the Islamic State regime. These children, having been immersed in the group’s ideology from a young age, learned combat skills and were sometimes coerced into participating in violent acts against prisoners.

Germany’s Intelligence Chief Urges Review of Surveillance Laws Amid Threats from Children of Islamist Fighters.

Maassen warns of the risk these children pose, describing them as potential “living time bombs” with the indoctrination and skills to conduct attacks in Germany. This issue has gained prominence, especially considering that minors executed a majority of the Islamist attacks in Germany in 2016, including a thwarted bombing attempt at a Christmas market by a 12-year-old.

The German government has tracked over 960 individuals who traveled to Iraq and Syria to join Islamic State, with approximately a third returning and another 150 presumed dead in conflict. Furthermore, the Islamic State continues to exploit the internet and social media to target and radicalize German youth, employing sophisticated recruitment tactics to attract them to their cause. Maassen’s statements shed light on the pressing issue of radicalization among minors and the ongoing efforts to mitigate the threat they pose upon returning to Germany.

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