Ford Recalls 93,000 Explorers in Canada: Safety Risk from Loose Exterior Trim – Comprehensive Guide and Updates

Ford Recalls 93,000 Explorers in Canada: Safety Risk from Loose Exterior Trim – Comprehensive Guide and Updates. Ford is issuing a recall that affects approximately 93,000 Canadian customers, focusing on its Explorer vehicles due to a potentially hazardous exterior part. The recall pertains to Ford Explorer models from the years 2011 to 2019.

According to documents released by Ford, some of these vehicles may have improperly attached A-pillar trim clips, a result of incorrect assembly or repair. This defect could lead to the detachment of these trim pieces while the vehicle is in motion, posing a risk to other drivers and increasing the likelihood of accidents.

In addition to the Canadian recall, Ford is also recalling nearly 1.9 million Explorer SUVs in the U.S. for similar reasons, as well as 20,000 F-150 pickup trucks in Canada, and several hundred thousand F-150 trucks in Canada and the U.S. due to a parking brake issue.

Ford Recalls 93,000 Explorers in Canada: Safety Risk from Loose Exterior Trim – Comprehensive Guide and Updates

Ford Canada’s spokesperson stated that customers might notice gaps around the A-pillar trim or hear rattling and excessive wind noise from the area near the front windshield’s sides. While the company has not received reports of accidents or injuries due to this issue, it is taking precautionary measures.

The global impact of this recall is significant, involving 2.24 million vehicles. Starting March 13. Ford will notify affected owners by mail. Advising them to bring their vehicles to a Ford or Lincoln dealer for an inspection and necessary replacement of the A-pillar exterior trim, free of charge.

The issue was brought to light by a report from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Administration, revealing that the trim on the window columns could become loose and detach. Ford Canada has acknowledged over 568 consumer complaints and more than 14,000 warranty reports related to the problem. The exact number of affected vehicles in Canada is yet to be determined.

This recall is part of Ford’s ongoing commitment to vehicle safety and customer satisfaction. The information is supplemented by files from The Associated Press.

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