DEEP Robotics Unveils Versatile Robots for Industry and Home, Including a Large-Scale Domestic Model

DEEP Robotics Unveils Versatile Robots for Industry and Home, Including a Large-Scale Domestic Model.

In the inaugural 2024 webinar hosted by Interesting Engineering (IE), a spokesperson from DEEP Robotics showcased a variety of robots designed for real-time applications. Peter Dend, the product manager at DEEP Robotics, stressed the importance of robots aiding humans, rather than the other way around, while discussing the advancements in Quadruped Robotics during this webinar.

The representative detailed the robots’ involvement in tasks like the Robot-Group-Control Dance Show at the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, highlighting DEEP Robotics’ collaboration with Zhejiang Lab. This partnership was instrumental in integrating bipedal and quadruped robots using coordinated group control technology to perform the Asian Games Village theme, “Love Together.” Deep Robotics’ representative described how humanoid robots played the music while the robot dogs performed a synchronized dance.

Introducing the X30: A Large Domestic Robot

Deng from DEEP Robotics spoke about the emerging demand for a large, household-friendly robot, the X30, which has potential beyond commercial use. He indicated that the costs associated with this robot, and its overall solution, would be significantly lower. The customization of the robot, such as the inclusion of an arm, would depend on the customer’s specific needs, which could affect the price due to the expense of certain components.

Founded in 2017 in Hangzhou, China, Deep Robotics initially focused on creating robots capable of autonomously climbing stairs. These robots have applications in power inspection, emergency services, public security, and academic research. Deng highlighted the robots’ ability to navigate various stair types and inclines up to 45 degrees, even when carrying loads between 10 to 20 kilograms. The company aims to incorporate similar capabilities in the X30 for use in factories and industrial environments.

Robots for Energy-Efficient ‘Dark Factories’ – DEEP Robotics Unveils Versatile Robots for Industry and Home, Including a Large-Scale Domestic Model.

Deng also discussed the concept of ‘dark factories,’ where minimal lighting is used, and energy is conserved with the help of these robots. He mentioned the deployment of special sensors in robots to function effectively in low-light conditions, suitable for tasks like mountain rescue operations where traditional cameras may be ineffective.

DEEP Robotics is actively working on developing household-friendly robots at a lower cost, with plans to make significant progress in this area within the year.

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