Canada’s Notorious Hacker to Compensate Victims: A Tale of Cybercrime and Restitution

Canada’s Notorious Hacker to Compensate Victims: A Tale of Cybercrime and Restitution.

Matthew Philbert of Ottawa, recognized as Canada’s most infamous hacker, has conceded to a series of cybercrimes, including fraud, unauthorized computer use, handling and distributing computer passwords, and computer data tampering. This acknowledgment comes as a rare instance where those defrauded can anticipate the reimbursement of their lost funds.

Philbert, aged 33, has been implicated in a widespread cybercriminal enterprise, culminating in a two-year prison sentence. A court session planned for later in the year will deliberate on the specifics of the restitution. Information obtained by this publication indicates that Philbert is set to repay a total of approximately $49,200.

The restitution will partly come from the liquidation of bitcoins confiscated at Philbert’s residence, presently valued at around $34,000. Additionally, Philbert’s legal representative, Michael Johnston, has a trust fund of about $16,000 ready for this purpose.

Canada’s Notorious Hacker to Compensate Victims: A Tale of Cybercrime and Restitution.

Philbert’s cyber offenses impacted over a thousand individuals, businesses, and institutions, including three police departments. His tactics involved deploying a remote-access virus, granting him complete command over compromised computers. He concealed his tracks using anonymous email addresses and remote server connections, often dispatching malware-laden emails under the guise of job applications.

The malware, once activated by the unsuspecting recipients, provided Philbert with unrestricted access to their computers, enabling him to pilfer banking credentials and conduct unauthorized financial transfers. The Ontario Provincial Police’s thorough investigation also uncovered Philbert’s involvement in four ransomware attacks, where victims had to pay a ransom in cryptocurrency to regain access to their computers.

On his arrest on November 30, 2021, authorities seized 0.61943121 BTC from Philbert, an amount worth about $46,000 at the time, and redirected it to an OPP cryptocurrency wallet. The investigation further exposed Philbert’s distribution of stolen login information to unknown parties, posing an indefinite risk of further unauthorized dissemination.

Despite Philbert’s extensive criminal activities, which ensnared 1,113 victims, the majority did not suffer financial losses. His audacity extended to compromising the computer systems of three police departments and even the Ronald McDonald House in Halifax, causing potential but unrealized financial harm.

The commencement of the OPP’s investigation into Philbert in January 2020 followed the FBI’s investigation into his attack on a server belonging to the State of Alaska, leading to a series of judicially sanctioned searches and surveillance operations.

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