Brampton Residents Rally Against 4,600-Unit Housing Development: Over 1,100 Sign Petition Amid Traffic, Crime, and Infrastructure Concerns

Brampton Residents Rally Against 4,600-Unit Housing Development: Over 1,100 Sign Petition Amid Traffic, Crime, and Infrastructure Concerns. More than 1,100 individuals have signed a petition to oppose a substantial housing project in Brampton, which could introduce over 4,600 new residential units. Concerns raised by residents include increased traffic congestion, potential overcrowding in schools, and a rise in crime. The proposed development, located at 1735 Steeles Ave. West, encompasses plans for stacked townhouses, two apartment towers, and two office buildings.

The city of Brampton might approve the project this week, but it still requires the green light from the Region of Peel before construction can commence. A local residents’ group and community members have expressed their objections, fearing prolonged construction, heightened density, and exacerbated traffic and crime issues.

The Streetsville Glen Residents group has criticized the project’s design and density, arguing that it does not complement the existing neighborhood style and that the area lacks sufficient infrastructure to support about 11,000 new residents. Their petition, addressed to Mayor Patrick Brown and other council members, had amassed over 1,100 signatures by Wednesday morning. Residents have also shared their apprehensions with the Brampton City Council, including concerns about increased density, construction, environmental impacts, and more.

Brampton Residents Rally Against 4,600-Unit Housing Development: Over 1,100 Sign Petition Amid Traffic, Crime, and Infrastructure Concerns

The same group plans to voice these concerns again at a town hall meeting on February 3rd. Despite these objections, the project promises a pedestrian-friendly environment with a central park, connecting pathways, and Dutch-style service driveways. It also includes neighborhood parks, retail spaces, and encourages active transportation and cycling.

While opposition exists, Mayor Brown has highlighted Brampton’s housing crisis. The province has set a goal for Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon to add 145,000 homes by 2031. Additionally, Brampton has received a $114 million fund from the Liberals for housing projects.

A new report on the project will be presented to Brampton’s planning committee and then to the city and Peel Regional councils. As the development involves Steeles Avenue, a regional road, it requires Peel’s approval for the Major Transit Station Area hub at Steeles Avenue and Mississauga Road.

The area around the proposed site is zoned for diverse uses, including townhouses, single-family homes, gas stations, and retail plazas. For more information or to view the petition, visit

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