B0r0nt0K Ransomware Wants $75,000 Ransom, Infects Linux Servers.

A new ransomware called B0r0nt0K is encrypting victim’s web sites and demanding a 20 bitcoin, or approximately $75,000 USD, ransom. This ransomware is known to infect Linux servers, but may also be able to encrypt users running Windows.

When B0r0nt0K encrypts a file it will base64 the encrypted data.

The file’s name will also be renamed by encrypting the filename, base64 encoding it, url encoding it, and finally appending the .rontok extension to the new file name. An example of a encrypted file’s name is zmAAwbbilFw69b7ag4G4bQ%3D%3D.rontok.

The URL of the payment site located at https://borontok.uk/. When visiting this site, the user will be asked to submit their personal ID.

Once an ID is entered, the user will be presented with a payment page that includes the bitcoin ransom amount, the bitcoin payment address, and the [email protected] email that can be used to contact the developers. In this particular instance, the ransom demand was 20 bitcoins, which is currently equal to approximately $75,000. The developers, though, appear to be willing to negotiate the price.

When examining the source code for the payment site @ (https://borontok.uk/ which has been taken down already.), we noticed the “Vietnamese Hacker” embedded comment. While this could imply that the developer is Vietnamese, this is by no means proof, however, just an FYI. (see image below)


B0r0nt0K Ransomware Wants $75,000 Ransom, Infects Linux Servers


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