14-Year-Old College Student Dreams In Code, while most 14-year-olds are contemplating Justin Bieber or street racing, Santiago Gonzalez is most likely in his college class room discussing the intricacies of computer code.

Gonzalez is a prodigy who attends the prestigious Colorado School of the Mines. He is fluent in several coding languages and has even come up with some awesome apps, including an interactive puzzle that seems quite fun.

Santiago Gonzalez might just be the next Steve Jobs.

He already has 15 iOS apps to his name and dreams of designing for Apple. At age 12, Santiago became a full-time college student and is on track to earn his bachelor’s degree in computer science and electrical engineering by age 16. By 17, when most teenagers are excited to just have their driver’s license, Santiago will have his masters degree.

Santiago Gonzalez, age 23, is a machine learning research engineer and computer scientist, with extensive experience as a full-stack software engineer. Gonzalez is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines (BS and MS in Computer Science) and the University of Texas at Austin (PhD in Computer Science), working under Dr. Risto Miikkulainen(1, 2,), focusing on Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computation. From as early as eight years old, Santiago has honed his craft in software engineering, having individually built more than a dozen websites and mobile applications, and worked at top-tier companies, while maintaining a high focus on quality and integrity.

Currently Gonzalez is a Machine Learning Research Engineer at Apple—working at with computer vision and natural language.

A very bright young individual already at a young age is coding our future… :-)

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