Thanks for your question. We have you covered. If you have spent time filling out a helpdesk ticket, registration, contact form on our website and accidentally refreshed the page, or navigated away.

Any users of a website can lose their form data when they accidently close tabs, or navigate to a different web page. We try to prevent this by persisting all text inputs locally (cookies) until the form is submitted. Whenever the page is refreshed, all text fields are automatically restored, thereby saving your  tremendous amount of effort of filling any or all of the fields.

No configuration needed. It’ll automatically scan our contact form and save the fields as you fill them. :-)

Note: AutoSave, saves your text fields sensitive information like passwords and credit card fields locally in a cookie on your device it does not distinguish. We recommend  NO sensitive information (example: passwords,credit cards, etc…)  on our contact form especially on a public computer.

AutoSave Still did not work out for you? (troubleshooting AutoSave)

If you noticed a big red banner on the top of your screen stating:

“It looks like you’re using an ad blocker.But without advertising-income, we can’t keep making this site awesome.

I understand, I have disabled my ad blocker.”

This means we have detected an ad-blocker on your device and are informing you that the ad-blocker will interfere with the Auto-Save feature. You can still use the contact form but the Auto-Save feature might not work as intended due to the interference from the ad-blocker.

If Auto Save did not work out for you then you have one or more of the following configurations:

  1. Your browser has cookies disabled.
  2. Your browser has blocked Javascript.
  3. Your browser has an AD Blocker installed.

If this is the case it will not work and you have already lost your work.