How do I get my event in the calendar?

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How do I get my event in the calendar?

How do I get my event in the calendar?

We spider local Milton, Halton, Toronto GTA, & surrounding area online calendars automatically. If your event is missing, needs correction, and/or would like your event removed, contact us here. Please provide the following in the contact form if possible:

You can request a call back by phone if your not too computer savvy. Just click on the link above to request the call back. Or click the bottom right hand green and black chat bubble to talk live online right now. (pending availability.)

  • Event URL. Cut and paste the URL address of the event location from your browser’s address bar. example URL:
  • If correction then: state what needs to be corrected clearly, and concisely.
  • If submitting photos use the ADD FILES feature on the contact form to add the files. Or include the URL location of the photo in the message.
  • If removing and/or opting out of events from Events then state that.

All requests are only valid from the official event planners/coordinators. If this is a legal matter then state that.

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