How do I get FREE remote desktop support? Once you register to become a FREE member of not only do you enjoy exclusive access to our downloads and content but you get access to our help desk and FREE live remote desktop support. One of our web experts uses Teamviewer to remotely connect with and fix/diagnose your computer,  MAC, or other device such as phone or tablet.

The support is limited to Canada only.

The connection is temporary, safe, and requires a new password with each connection or at the request of the user to ensure unwanted access. What can be done with remote assist?

1 ) A web expert can remotely connect and fix any issues with your computer.

2) An expert can remotely connect and tutor you with a coding assignment.

3) We can assists in virus/malware removal.

4) Troubleshooting.

5) You can use it with family and/or friends to assist one another remotely.

The TeamViewer button below automatically detects, and downloads software

for your specific device :-)

The TeamViewer button automatically detects, and downloads software for your specific device

If your asked to install additional required items or apps from TeamViewer please do so.

Chat live with a web expert on the contact us form. :-)

If the above automatic link did not give you a file called TeamViewerQS.exe then something went wrong. If you installed the file TeamViewerQS.exe and are not presented with a login and ID like in the image below, then keep reading.

If the automatic link did not download a TeamViewerQS.exe file that displays a similar window with an ID and password then follow the instructions below.

If the automatic Teamviewer link did not work out for you then try to follow these directions below.

The article applies to all users on all licenses.

Do friends and family ask you to sort out problems on their machines, or do you need access to colleagues’ computers? Do you wish you could do it from the comfort of your own home or office without having to visit them?

Then you need a program that allows you to operate their machine remotely. TeamViewer 13 will be used for this guide.

Get TeamViewer from the website

To use the full potential of TeamViewer, we recommend to download the TeamViewer full version from our website.

  1. Go 1
  2. Click the Download TeamViewer button 2
  3. Follow the instructions to save the setup file

Install TeamViewer on your device

After downloading TeamViewer, you can start the setup wizard.

  1. Run the setup file you have downloaded previously
  2. Select Installation to access this computer remotely (unattended) 1 under How do you want to proceed?
  3. Under How do you want to use TeamViewer? select the option that suits you.
    • If you want to use TeamViewer commercially (for your Business), select Company / Commercial use 2
    • If you want to use TeamViewer with friends and family, select Personal / Non-commercial use 3
  4. Click Accept – finish to start the installation.

Configure unattended access to the device

You will then be asked to set up unattended access. It is recommended to set up unattended access, if you you need to access this computer remotely at any time without having to confirm a connection any time you try to connect to your device.

Setting up unattended access is optional.

  1. Set a name and a personal password for the device. Both will be needed for connecting to the device later. Proceed with Next 3.

2. To access to device quickly, it is recommended to add it to your list of computers and contacts. To do so, either create a new TeamViewer account 1 or use an existing one 1

3. To finish setting up unattended access, click Next followed by Finish. 2

After the installation, the TeamViewer main window will open automatically.

If the automatic link above did not find the appropriate software for your device.

Or if after installing it did not show a screen similar to the one below.

Then contact us for FREE support.

Download TeamViewerQS from the Google Play Store.

If your asked to install additional required items or apps from TeamViewer please do so.