Mastering Gephi Network Visualization

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Mastering Gephi Network Visualization

Mastering Gephi Network Visualization

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Mastering Gephi Network Visualization.

Mastering Gephi Network Visualization will take you through an overview of Gephi and network behavior, followed by detailed chapters addressing layouts, filtering, graph statistics, dynamic graphs, and more. You will begin with a concise overview of working with the Gephi interface. You will then see how to create your own graphs and understand the graph layouts to arrange a sample dataset. You will understand the theory behind Dynamic Network Analysis, followed by sample applications on how Gephi can be used to model these networks. You will also learn about the plugins that are most critical for network analysis and graph creation. Finally, you will put together all the previously learned concepts and gain insight on the future state of network graph analysis. After reading this book and following the examples provided, you will have the confidence and expertise to create your own compelling graphs.

About the author (2015)

Ken Cherven is a Detroit-based data visualization and open source enthusiast, with 20 years of experience working with data and visualization tools. In addition to Gephi, he has worked with a variety of open source tools, including MySQL, SpagoBI, JasperServer, D3, Protovis, Omeka, QGIS, Leaflet, and Exhibit. He also has considerable experience using corporate software tools from Microsoft, Cognos, Tableau, and Oracle.An automotive analyst and visualizer by day, he spends much of his personal time turning baseball data into web-based visualizations housed on his website, He has previously authored Network Graph Analysis and Visualization with Gephi, Packt Publishing, as well as a self-published book, MLB Pennant Races, 1901-1968: A Visual Analysis of Baseball's Pennant Races, Visual-Baseball Press. His current areas of interest include visual dashboards, interactive networks, and anything involving geographic information.


About the Author:

I am a loving father, & husband. I am a computer enthusiast. I have used and enjoyed computers since I was young and I enjoy teaching young minds how to code, because it teaches them how to think. Today with YouTube, and social media garbage our youth are losing the ability to think on their own and solve problems. I believe this is a serious epidemic as kids today dont understand that technology is a tool. This tool is being abused, and its underlying effects are taking its toll on kids behaviour, and learning.