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Mastering Gephi Network Visualization

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Mastering Gephi Network Visualization. Mastering Gephi Network Visualization will take you through an overview of Gephi and network behavior, followed by detailed chapters addressing layouts, filtering, graph statistics, dynamic graphs, and more. You will begin with a concise overview of working with the Gephi interface. You will then see how to create your own graphs [...]

Networking The Complete Reference, Third Edition

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Networking The Complete Reference, Third Edition. The most comprehensive, current guide to networking Build and administer high-performance networks of all sizes—from small home systems to enterprise internetworks—using the practical information in this detailed resource. Thoroughly revised to cover the latest technologies, Networking: The Complete Reference, Third Edition offers concise explanations, start-to-finish deployment plans, real-world examples, and expert [...]

Computer Network Security and Cyber Ethics – 4th Edition

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Computer Network Security and Cyber Ethics - 4th Edition. "This book increases public awareness of nature and motives of cyber vandalism, the weaknesses inherent in cyberspace infrastructure, and the means available to protect ourselves. Integrates security education and awareness with morality and ethics. Addressing security issues with ever-growing social networks are two new chapters: 'Security [...]

Network Security Hacks 2nd Edition

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Network Security Hacks 2nd Edition In the fast-moving world of computers, things are always changing. Since the first edition of this strong-selling book Network Security Hacks 2nd Edition appeared two years ago, network security techniques and tools have evolved rapidly to meet new and more sophisticated threats that pop up with alarming regularity. […]