GitHub’s and more best FREE guides for Python developers

GitHub’s and more best FREE guides for computer science Python developers. Use of the Python programming language has been growing at a rapid rate for several years.

Much of that growth has been fueled by the use of Python in burgeoning field of data science, which in 2018 became the most common use for Python, alongside web development and DevOps.

Demand for Python across these various fields remains strong, with a 2018 survey by HackerRank placing it as the language third-most sought after by employers and it also claimed third place in the list of most-loved programming languages in last year’s Stack Overflow Developer Survey.

However, if you’re looking for educational materials with a heavier focus on code examples, the online code repository GitHub is a good place to start.

Here are the five-highest ranked repositories on GitHub related to learning how to code in Python.


1. Awesome Python (GitHub’s and more best FREE guides for Python developers)

curated list of ‘awesome’ Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources, with code covering just about everything you might use Python for.



2. TensorFlow Examples (GitHub’s and more best FREE guides for Python developers)

A useful reference for those getting started with Google’s TensorFlow machine-learning software framework, offering a long list of code examples demonstrating everything from basic TensorFlow operations to building neural networks.



3. The algorithms (GitHub’s and more best FREE guides for Python developers)

Examples of sorting and other common computer science algorithms implemented in Python, including links to visualizations of the algorithms in action. Useful for those swatting up for a technical interview.



4. 100 days of ML coding (GitHub’s and more best FREE guides for Python developers)

This repo is an eclectic mix of worksheets that walk users through the basics of getting started with machine learning, with links to the associated code samples and datasets, as well as to useful videos explaining key mathematical concepts.



5. Python Patterns (GitHub’s and more best FREE guides for Python developers)

collection of design patterns and idioms in Python, with code examples and written explanations of what the code is doing and when each pattern is appropriate to use.



6. Books (GitHub’s and more best FREE guides for Python developers)

Think Python – This book breaks uses everyday English to break the fundamentals of the language into easy-to-digest chunks.

A Byte of Python – This clear guide makes learning the basics of Python a breeze.

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python – Easy to read, this guide for beginners takes a lot of the pain out of learning a new language.

Dive into Python – This continually updated book is a great choice for those familiar with programming who want to learn Python.

Invent With Python – Walks you through building various apps with Python, assuming no knowledge. While the layout could be better, the content seems good.

Python Practice Book – Another concise guide walkthrough of the fundamentals of python with plenty of examples.

How to think like a computer scientist: Learning with Python – Once you’re familiar with the basics, this book will walk you through the more advanced concepts and the language’s theoretical underpinnings.

The Django Book – Aimed at those with a working knowledge of Python, this book will teach you everything you need to know about the web framework Django.

A Python Book: Beginning Python, Advanced Python, and Python Exercises – This overview of Python, with examples, could be useful as a reference book.

Python Programming – A Wikibook that provides an outline of the language.

Non-Programmer’s Tutorial for Python – Another Wikibook that walks you through the basics of the language alongside sample programs.



7. Courses / tutorials (GitHub’s and more best FREE guides for Python developers)’s interactive tutorials – A series of simple tutorials to provide a gentle introduction to the language.

The Python Tutorial – The official introduction to the language offers more detailed walkthroughs of a wider range of Python fundamentals.

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python – This series of MIT lectures offered by edX is designed to ease in those unfamiliar with programming.

Introduction to Computer Science – This free introductory course from Udacity teaches you by having you build web apps.

Google’s Python Class – Google’s free class aimed at people with minimal programming experience.

Pygame official tutorials – Making games is a fun way to learn, as demonstrated by these tutorials for the pygame software library.

Codeacademy – Various free lessons that teaches the basics of Python via interactive questions, with optional paid extras.

Intro to Python for Data Science – This free course focuses on getting started with using Python to interrogate data.

Idiomatic Python – An series of tutorials for those familiar with programming who want to get up to speed on Python.



8. Videos (GitHub’s and more best FREE guides for Python developers)

Learn Python in One Video – The title may be a bit optimistic but YouTuber Derek Banas takes his time to explain concepts clearly by walking through a range of simple programs.

Python tutorials on thenewboston – Approachable and easy-to-understand YouTube series walking through the language basics.

Intermediate Python Programming – YouTube’er sentdex talks you through how to do more with Python.



9. Websites (GitHub’s and more best FREE guides for Python developers)

Stack Overflow – As with every language, the crowd-sourced Q&A site Stack Overflow provides a wealth of answers and code examples for Python. – Learn Python Programming – An easily digestible guide to how to get started with Python, with plenty of code examples.

Instant Python – A bare-bones, crash-course introduction to Python.

Learn Python in 10 minutes – Not really, but it will give you a whistle-stop tour of the language with code examples.

Python Tutorials – This guide walks you through the basics of the language, as well as demonstrating some of its uses.

Full Stack Python – This curated list of guides and tutorials aims to answer any Python-related web development question you might have.

Python on TutorialsPoint – Clearly written overview of the language with code examples and diagrams.




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