Introduction to Python Programming Language

Introduction to Python Programming Language: Which programming language will get you up and be running writing applications on every popular platform around? Yes, it’s Python. The amazing thing about Python is that you really can write an application on one platform and use it on every other platform that you need to support. Unlike the other programming languages that promised to provide platform independence, Python really does make that independence possible.

Python emphasizes code readability and a concise syntax that lets you write applications using fewer lines of code than other programming languages require. In addition, because of the way Python works, you find it used in all sorts of fields that are filled with non-programmers. Some people view Python as a scripted language, but it really is so much more.

You want to learn the language fast so that you can become productive in using it to perform your real job, which could be anything. You gain an understanding of what you need to do from the start, using hands-on examples and spending a good deal of time performing actually useful tasks.

Foolish Assumptions

It’s important that you’re familiar with the platform you want to use.  In order to provide you with maximum information about Python, this lesson section doesn’t discuss any platform-specific issues. You really do need to know how to install applications, use applications, and generally work with your chosen platform before you begin working on this lesson section.

This lesson also assumes that you can find things on the Internet. There are numerous references to online material that will enhance your learning experience. However, these added sources are useful only if you actually find and use them.

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