Download your own copy of Python

Download your own copy of Python Creating applications requires that you have another application unless you really want to get low level and write applications in machine code — a decidedly difficult experience that even true programmers avoid if at all possible. If you want to write an application using the Python programming language, you need the applications required to do so.

These applications help you work with Python by creating Python code, providing helpful information as you need it, and letting you run the code you write. Today we will help you obtain a copy of the Python application, install it on your hard drive, locate the installed applications so that you can use them, and test your installation so that you can see how it works.

Downloading the Version You Need Every platform (combination of computer hardware and operating system software) has special rules that it follows when running applications. The Python application hides these details from you.

You type code that runs on any platform that Python supports, and the Python applications translate that code into something the platform can understand. However, in order for the translation to take place, you must have a version of Python that works on your particular platform. Python supports these platforms:

  • Advanced IBM Unix (AIX)
  • Amiga Research OS (AROS)
  • Application System 400 (AS/400)
  • BeOS
  • Hewlett-Packard Unix (HP-UX)
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X (comes pre-installed with the OS)
  • Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS)
  • MorphOS
  • Operating System 2 (OS/2)
  • Operating System 390 (OS/390) and z/OS
  • PalmOS
  • PlayStation
  • Psion
  • QNX
  • RISC OS (originally Acorn)
  • Series 60
  • Solaris
  • Virtual Memory System (VMS)
  • Windows 32-bit (XP and later)
  • Windows 64-bit
  • Windows CE/Pocket PC

Downloading Python

1) First, visit


Download the latest source release from here


Wondering which version to use?

Here’s more about the difference between Python 2 and 3.


Looking for Python with a different OS? Python for WindowsLinux/UNIXMac OS XOther

Want to help test development versions of Python? Pre-releases

Looking for a specific python release?

Python releases by version number:


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