Comparing Python to other languages

Comparing Python to other languages from one language to another is somewhat risky because the selection of a language is just as much a matter of taste and personal preference as it is any sort of quantifiable scientific fact.

There is no best language in the world, simply the language that works best for a particular application. (You can find comparisons to other languages here.)


C# vs. Python

Comparing Python to other languages. A lot of people claim that Microsoft  copied Java to create C#. That said, C# does have some advantages (and disadvantages) when compared to Java. The main (undisputed) intent behind C# is to create a better kind of C/C++ language — one that is easier to learn and use. However, we’re here to discuss C# and Python. When compared to C#, Python has these advantages:

  • Significantly easier to learn
  • Smaller (more concise) code
  • Supported fully as open source
  • Better multiplatform support
  • Easily allows use of multiple development environments
  • Easier to extend using Java and C/C++
  • Enhanced scientific and engineering support

Java vs. Python

Comparing Python to other languages. From the beginning of programming time, programmers looked for a language that they could use to write an application once and have it run anywhere else.

Java is designed to work well on any platform. Java was so successful at running well everywhere that other languages have sought to emulate it (with varying levels of success). Even so, Python has some important advantages over Java, see below:

  • Easier to learn
  • Smaller (more concise) code
  • Enhanced variables (storage boxes in computer memory) that can hold
    different kinds of data based on the application’s needs while running
    (dynamic typing)
  • Faster development times

Perl vs. Python

Comparing Python to other languages. PERL was originally an acronym for Practical Extraction and Report Language. Today, people simply call it Perl and let it go at that. However, Perl still shows its roots in that it excels at obtaining data from a database and presenting it in report format. Of course, Perl has been extended to do a lot more than that — you can use it to write all sorts of applications.  In a comparison with Python, you’ll find that Python has these advantages over Perl:

  • Simpler to learn
  • Easier to read
  • Enhanced protection for data
  • Better Java integration
  • Fewer platform-specific biases

Comparing Python to other languages

Comparing Python to other languages

Comparing Python to other languages

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