My little pony learning game in VB.NET

My little pony learning game in VB.NET, Greetings, in this special of My Little Pony Learning game we are designing an arcade-like, educational game from levels:

The My little pony learning game in VB.NET will follow the Ontario Canada School curriculum. It will cover the following educational categories:

  • Learn the Alphabets ABC’s
  • Learn the Alphabet letter sounds. (phonics)
  • Learn to read
  • Math & Numbers (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percent) using both the old and new models
  • Learn Shapes & Colors
  • Learn about the Human body
  • Learn about the Seasons
  • Learn about Science
  • Learn about budgeting and financing. The stuff they don’t teach you in school.
  • Proper Etiquette, & respect for themselves and other cultural and religious co-existence

At the end of the My little pony learning game in VB.NET project segments, I will release the source code and compiled Windows 10 executable so that your kids can play and learn for FREE.

We don’t believe charging a fee for education that is already FREE. Especially kids education.

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About the Author: Bernard Aybout

In the land of bytes and bits, a father of three sits, With a heart for tech and coding kits, in IT he never quits. At Magna's door, he took his stance, in Canada's wide expanse, At Karmax Heavy Stamping - Cosma's dance, he gave his career a chance. With a passion deep for teaching code, to the young minds he showed, The path where digital seeds are sowed, in critical thinking mode. But alas, not all was bright and fair, at Magna's lair, oh despair, Harassment, intimidation, a chilling air, made the workplace hard to bear. Management's maze and morale's dip, made our hero's spirit flip, In a demoralizing grip, his well-being began to slip. So he bid adieu to Magna's scene, from the division not so serene, Yet in tech, his interest keen, continues to inspire and convene.