Creating your password page with JavaScript and HTML

Creating your password page with JavaScript and HTML: Now you know how to use the onclick attribute to make your HTML elements interactive, we can start building our password web page. Let’s start with the basic HTML structure of our page:

<!DOCTYPE html>
 body {
 background-color: lightblue;
 padding: 30px;
 <p style="font-size: 30pt;">Hello World.</p>
 <p>Please enter the password to view this website.</p>
 <a href="secretinfo.html">
 Click here to submit password and view website

Here we’ve created a simple web page using HTML and CSS. We’ve included a hyperlink that links to our secretinfo.html web page. But there isn’t anywhere on our page where the user can enter their password.

We next we will need to create a box so that the user can type it in… Keep going… :-)

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