Fork Bomb Batch File Virus

Fork Bomb Batch File Virus. The fork bomb is the equivalent of a DDoS attack on your own system. It aims to deprive the system of memory (RAM), leaving nothing for other applications or the operating system’s vital operations required to keep the systems running, hence crashing it. Just 5 characters long, the fork bomb is not permanently harmful to a computer, just annoying.

Place this in a batch file with extension .BAT for example RUNME.BAT:

then give it to your friend for April fools…  :-)


NOTE: This only works on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

TIP: Place this file on a USB stick and add an AUTORUN.INF that loads the RUNME.bat batch file. This means whenever someone inserts USB into Microsoft Windows Based computer it will automatically run the script. :-)

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About the Author: Bernard Aybout

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