Hello World Android app built with Android Studio

Hello World Android app built with Android Studio. Now that we have completed setting up our environment, we will begin creating our Hello World Android app built with Android Studios.

If you have not yet installed Android Studio then please do so now before proceeding. Android Studios

Most people dont get this far. But you have. In order to learn how to code you must actually do practical not just read theory. This course is designed to teach some theory and then apply it. So its important you actually follow along and practice in order to become proficient at it.

Whenever you create a new app, you need to create a new project for it. Make sure you have Android Studio open and follow along:


Create a new project: The Android Studio welcome screen gives you a number of options for what you want to do. We want to create a new project, so click on the option for “Start a new Android Studio project”.

Android Studio

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