The target of this exercise is to create two lists called x_list and y_list, which contain 10 instances of the variables x and y, respectively. You are also required to create a list called big_list, which contains the variables x and y, 10 times each, by concatenating the two lists you have created.

x = object()
y = object()

# TODO: code already changed. this is the answer.
x_list = [x] * 10
y_list = [y] * 10
big_list = x_list + y_list

print("x_list contains %d objects" % len(x_list))
print("y_list contains %d objects" % len(y_list))
print("big_list contains %d objects" % len(big_list))

# testing code
if x_list.count(x) == 10 and y_list.count(y) == 10:
    print("Almost there...")
if big_list.count(x) == 10 and big_list.count(y) == 10:

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