My little pony learning game in VB.NET, Greetings, in this special of My Little Pony Learning game we are designing an arcade-like, educational game from levels:

The My little pony learning game in VB.NET will follow the Ontario Canada School curriculum. It will cover the following educational categories:

  • Learn the Alphabets ABC’s
  • Learn the Alphabet letter sounds. (phonics)
  • Learn to read
  • Math & Numbers (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percent) using both the old and new models
  • Learn Shapes & Colors
  • Learn about the Human body
  • Learn about the Seasons
  • Learn about Science
  • Learn about budgeting and financing. The stuff they don’t teach you in school.
  • Proper Etiquette, & respect for themselves and other cultural and religious co-existence

At the end of the My little pony learning game in VB.NET project segments, I will release the source code and compiled Windows 10 executable so that your kids can play and learn for FREE.

We don’t believe charging a fee for education that is already FREE. Especially kids education.