• Tips and Tricks for WRITING JAVASCRIPT code : JavaScript always has to be written inside of the < script > tag, so that your browser knows you are switching from HTML to a new programming language. You can put < script > tags in the < head > or < body > of your page.


  • Just like HTML and CSS, JavaScript is written in a special way and has its own syntax. It is a case-sensitive language. You should leave spaces between pieces of code to make them easier to read.

  • Each instruction you give your browser in JavaScript is called a statement. Statements have to end in a semi-colon ; Curly braces {  } are used to group statements together into a block of code to be run in one go by your browser.

  • Statements normally start with a keyword that tells you the action the statement will perform.

  • You can store information in your browser using variables. Variables have a name and a value, which can be either text or numbers. If the value is text it has to be in double quotes ” “. If your variable name has two words, write it using camelCase.

  • To change or set the values of your variables you can use assignment operators, arithmetic operators and comparison operators.

  • If statements and else statements are known as conditional statements. Using conditional statements allows us to make our code do different things depending on the value of a variable.

Using JavaScript helps us make interactive web pages that respond to the user.

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