Our complete < script > block for our password with the new if statement looks like this:

 function checkPassword() {
 var password = document.getElementById("passwordBox");
 var passwordText = password.value;
 if(passwordText == "GabbaGabbaHey") {
 return true;
 alert("Access denied! Incorrect password!");
 return false;

Finally we have to make our JavaScript work with our HTML elements. We need to look at the code in the < body > of our page now.

We want to call the checkPassword function when someone clicks on the hyperlink in our page.

So we need to add an onclick attribute to our opening < a > tag, like this:

 <p style="font-size: 30pt;">Hello World!</p>
 <p>Please enter the password to view this website.</p>
 <p>Password:<input id="passwordBox" type="password"/></p>
 <a href="secretinfo.html" onclick="return checkPassword();">
 Click here to submit password and view website