Introduction to JavaScript – Comments

As we write JavaScript, we can create comments in our code. Programs do not evaluate comments when you run them. In other words, they exist just for human readers. Good comments are useful for you and other developers because they describe what the code does.

There are two types of code comments in JavaScript:

1) A single line comment will comment out a single line and is denoted with two forward slashes // preceding a line of JavaScript code.

// The first 5 decimals of pi
console.log('Pi is equal to ' + 3.14159);

2) A multi-line comment will comment out multiple lines and is denoted with /* to begin the comment, and */ to end the comment.

console.log('All of this code');
console.log('Is commented out');
console.log('And will not be executed);

Below is some sample code in a compiler for you to practise your commenting for JavaScript. Remember: The more you code the more you know and the better you get. Go ahead and add/remove comments from the exercise below:

JavaScript Comments

JavaScript comments can be used to explain JavaScript code, and to make it more readable.

JavaScript comments can also be used to prevent execution when testing an alternative code.

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