The HTML image tag: img for adding images to your web sites.

Now that you’ve mastered the paragraph HTML tag p and line break HTML tag br, let’s learn how to add an image to our web page.

The image tag: < img/ > is another self-closing tag. Inside the tag itself, you have to include a piece of information called the source (src) attribute. An image tag looks like this:

<img src="image.jpg"/>

The equals sign = and double quotes ” ” set the value of the source attribute.

An ATTRIBUTE is a useful way of giving your browser extra information about a HTML element.

There are lots of different kinds of attributes you can include in your tags. There are two parts to an attribute: the attribute name and the value of the attribute.

You use an equals sign = to set the value of the attribute and put the value in double quotes ” “

So an attribute will always look like this: name=”value”

Attributes are added to the opening tag, or to the only tag (in the case of a self-closing tag).

You have to include the source attribute in the


tag so your browser knows where to find your image.

Without it, your browser won’t know what to display on-screen.

The value of your source attribute can either be set to a file name of a saved image or a URL (web address) of your image.