• Tips and tricks for CSS coding: CSS is always made up of a property and a value. The property is the name of what you want to change and the value is what you want to change it to. There are hundreds of different CSS properties and values.


  • You separate the property from the value using a colon (:) and always use a semi-colon (;) after the value. A hyphen () is used between words.


  • CSS properties and values are always spelt using American English.


  • Values can be given in words or numbers. Common units for numerical values include pixels (px), points (pt) and percentages ( % ).


  • You can apply more than one CSS property to a HTML element. The best way to do this is to use a CSS class and the class attribute.


  • You tell your browser you are switching from HTML to CSS by using the HTML < style > tag. CSS classes are nested inside the < head > tag.


  • When you choose a CSS class name, it needs to begin with a dot (.) The CSS properties and values you want to apply are put inside curly braces { }


  • You can apply a CSS class to any HTML element using the class attribute.

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