Hello World Android app built with Android Studio

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Hello World Android app built with Android Studio

Configure the project: You now need to configure the app by saying what you want to call it, what company domain to use, and where you would like to store the files. Android Studio uses the company domain and application name to form the name of the package that will be used for your app. As an example, if you give your app a name of “My Helloworld App” and use a company domain of “miltonmarketing.com”, Android Studio will derive a package name of com.miltonmarketing.myhelloworldapp. The package name is really important in Android, as it’s used by Android devices to uniquely identify your app. Enter an application name of “My Helloworld App”, a company name of “miltonmarketing.com”, and accept the default project location. Then click on the Next button.

Be careful! The package name must stay the same for the lifetime of your app. It’s a unique identifier for your app and used to manage multiple versions of the same app.



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