The Essentials of Alice (Bunny) Tutorial Description: A short tutorial that introduces the learner to Alice by walking through the creation of a world with a bunny. Good for a first time glimpse at what Alice can do. Concepts introduced include scene set up and built-in methods.

The Essentials of Alice (Bunny) Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to create a short animation in an Alice world.

Follow the steps and use the pictures to help find things on your screen.

The Essentials of Alice (Bunny) Tutorial

The Essentials of Alice (Bunny) Tutorial

Step 1: Choosing a Background

When you open Alice, the first thing you must do is choose a background for your animation. You have six choices.

For this tutorial, choose the grass background, and then click Open.


Step 2: Object Library

Next, add an object to your Alice World. Alice is full of different kinds of objects to add to your world.

Click on the green Add Objects button